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Related article: X-Andrew-WideReply: 0;;Network-MailReceived: via nntppoll with nntp; Sat, 4 Apr 1992 11:24:48 -0500 (EST)Path:!!!!!!!emory!!whitakerNewsgroups: Dorm Encounters XXI: Autofellatio!Message-ID: From: (Andrew Whitaker)Date: 4 Apr 92 00:42:24 GMTDistribution: University of Georgia, AthensLines: 206Dorm Encounters XXI: Autofellatio! Jason and I had begun to spend a lot of time together, muchto the wonderment of the rest of the staff and much to thepleasure of the many gossipy students in the dorms. We talked about our developing relationship and made severalimportant conclusions. First, we decided that we would promoteour relationship in public so Russian Lolitas that people could see that gays,lesbians, and bisexuals could have healthy loving relationshipsjust like straight people could, and that our behavior in publicwas no more deviant than anyone else's. Second, we decided thatwhile we would prefer to be exclusive to each other sexually, anoccasional slip would not cost us the relationship. I had done this kind of thing once before with Jay, ofcourse, but had chickened out at the last minute. I was wary atfirst of making any kind of committment to Jason, but afterspending a lot of time with him and being seen with him inpublic, I must admit that my self-esteem went way up. We walkedaround campus hand in hand everywhere we went, and though weinitally drew some stares, people got used to it and eventuallywe saw some other couples doing the same thing. You have to understand something about our campus. Newthings are just that-- new things. There is always the initialshock of something new and exciting, but once the papers havewritten about it and the students have chewed it over, lifecontinues without much hubub. So Jason and I became lovers. Our sex life continued to getmore interesting and we spent a lot of time making passionatelove in a variety of settings. Our favorite place became my roombecause people on my floor understood well what my closed doormeant, and since I had slept with so many of them, they were ableto afford us some sense of privacy. We both had our RA duties to attend to, of course, but whenwe were not on duty, we spent the nights with each other eitherat his place or mine, always so engrossed in bring each otherpleasure that we hardly noticed the distractions of the outsideworld. It was on one such occasion that we found ourselves curledup naked, wrapped around each other in front of the televisionwatching the U.S. gymnastics team in some sort of Olympicqualifications meet. We both enjoyed watching the lithe youngmen perform these feats of skill and athletic prowess, showingevery muscle at work so gracefully. As we watched, Jason begansemi-stretching on the bed and I asked him what he was doing. "I used to be pretty limber when I took Karate, years ago. I wonder how limber I am now." he told me. He climbed off the bed and began posing for me, his softcock nestled in his rich brown pubic hair, his long shiny haircascading down his back. Every muscle in his body bulged as hestruck a variety of poses for my enjoyment. My cock began torise on its own accorded, unaided by anything. I was becomingincredibly aroused watching his display, and slowly startedcaressing my throbbing member. His poses got more interesting as they went along, each moreintricate than the next. He did backbends and headstands andhandstands and his cock, too, began to show signs of coming tolife. I watched in utter awe as he contorted his body intonewer, stranger positions. He relaxed for a moment and came over to the bed. "Want tosee something really cool, my darling?" he asked. "Sure, but I have to warn you. This could get out of hand!" "Go for it," I said, smiling, anticipating somethingoutrageous. He crawled up on the bed and lay on his back, placing hislegs high in the air and his feet on the wall. As I watched,utterly amazed, he began scooting his ass closer and closer tothe wall until his cheeks were pressed tightly against it, hislegs flat against the wall above. His cock stood straight up from his groin, arching slightlyand I began to lick my lips in anticipation of whatever he wasgoing to do. He grabbed his cock with one hand and began bending his legsdown over his body, his ass riding up the wall slightly as theybent. As I watched in total fascination, his cock pointed downand aimed at his mouth. He worked his manly hand up and down hisshaft and pulled it towards his mouth as his body continued tocurl up until his velvet-like cockhead brushed his lips. I was so hard and horny I thought I would blow apart. Myhands were working furiously on my own cock as he began lickingthe head of his. His long thin tongue snaked around his cockheadand began crawling down his shaft. With quite a bit of gruntingand a little pushing, he managed to swallow about half of hisshaft, and I sat quite still watching in utter amazement andlistening to the Russian Lolitas slurping he was making. I think he forgot I was there as he concentrated on bringinghimself off. He sucked and licked his cock expertly, and I wastruly beating myself into a frenzy watching him at work. Hecontinued to work on his cock, pushing it deeper into his throata little bit at a time as his body strained and stretched. Finally, he pulled his cock out of his mouth and said, "Sowhat do you think, man?" "I have NEVER seen anything so fucking hot in my life! Iwish I could do that. You have no idea how incredibly eroticthat is to watch!" "You know what would make it even hotter?" "I can't imagine, but I'm game, Jason." I said, expectingsomething totally exciting! "Come over here and take care of my ass and help me push itdeeper." he instructed. Jason sank his lips back around his cock and I crawledacross the bed to his Russian Lolitas side. I placed my hands on his ass andpushed down gently, causing his cock to sink deeper into hismouth. I ran my fingers over his winking puckered hole,caressing his anal entry. He moaned deeply and put a hand onmine, urging it to take a more active role in its playing. I slipped my longest finger in my mouth and coated it withspit. I then slid it into his hot ass, moving it around andbrushing it Russian Lolitas across his prostate gland. He wiggled and moanedprofusely as I continued my finger spelunking as he Russian Lolitas did so. I could stand this no longer, this sitting by his sidewatching him get all the pleasure. I stood up and pulled hisbody around until I could approach him at the right angle. Istood on the bed, sort of behind him, and aimed my spit slickedcock at his hole. I bent at the knees until my cockhead camenext to his hole. I pushed in slightly and noticed that belowme, his cock slipped that much further into his mouth. He continued to moan and slurp on his cock as my cock sunkinto his bowels. I plunged in to the hilt, finding his wondergland, and began to slowly fuck his ass. He groaned deeply as Ipressed his cock further and further into his mouth, and spitbegan drooling out of the cracks of his mouth. I started fucking him earnestly, and he let his cock slipfrom his mouth. He reached around and pulled my ass close tohim, allowing me to reach interesting new depths in his hotsteamy ass. I fucked him hard and long, both of us gasping forbreath and sweat pouring off of both of us. The fucking took itstoll rather quickly, and I began pelleting his insides with hotsearing cum, blast after blast shooting through his tunnel oflove and hitting the deep back walls. I shot and shot and shot until my legs wobbled so badly Icould no longer stand on the bed, and I fell back, utterly spentand exhausted. He climed abord my chest and placed the head ofhis dick at my mouth, insistingly pushing it past my waitinglips. I sucked him in deep, wrapping my arms around his waistand began giving him the attention he needed. He pinched hisnipples and moved his hands over his body, moaning and groaningloudly. I sucked him expertly and fondled his balls lightly. Suddenly he stiffened and began pouring gobs of hot steamy sperminto my mouth. His semen blasted my tonsils and slid down mythroat as I sucked him dry greedily. Once it was over and he had spent his rich load, we felldown onto the bed, draped over each other, and panted and gaspedfor breath. As our breathing eased, we crawled over each other,curling up like two spoons, me in the back with my soft cocknestled in his ass crack. I wrapped my arms around him and said, whispering in hisear, "That was the most incredible sexual experience of my life,Jason. Never have I done anything or seen anything so incrediblyerotic. We've got to get that on video or something!" He turned his head and kissed me. "I don't know if I can dothat often. You've no idea how incredibly painful that can beand how difficult it is to hold that position for very long. Iwould consider another attempt for video though-- give ussomething to really jack off over, huh?" "You bet," I said, kissing him back. Our tongues lingeredtogether, lazily dueling between our mouths. "I really do love you, you know. You have become the mostimportant person in my life, and these times that we spendtogether are the happiest moments of my life," I said. Russian Lolitas "I feel the same way about Russian Lolitas you, my darling man." We curled up together and watched television for many hoursinto the night, pausing between programs to give each other moreloving attention. As I Russian Lolitas recall, during that one particular night,we each Russian Lolitas suffered amazingly through seven or eight tumultuousorgasms. Definitely a night to remember!---\/---Chapter 22: Autoerotica Asphyxia? What do you think?Andrew, The Horny RA
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